Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kids Say the Damndest Things....(I'm not the PG type)

As some of you may (or may not) know, one of my personalities works at a preschool with sixteen 4- to 5-year-old pre-K students. There's a lot of the typical preschool chit chat and banter mixed in with lessons, stories and music time. But once in a while, someone comes up with something that makes you wish you had a pen tucked behind your ear. These are some of my pen moments from this year so far. Enjoy.

Secondary Colors
Girl: "Teacher, we're out of green paint."
Me: "Well, do you know what you'll get if you mix yellow paint with blue paint?"
Girl: "Punished?"

Snacktime Banter
Me: "Can anyone tell me a word that starts with C?"
Various kids: "Cat! Cookie! Crayon! Car!...Crap!"
Me: "Well, let's not say THAT word, okay?"
Boy: "Why? Does it start with a K?"

Boy 1: "That girl's my girlfriend."
Boy 2: "Girls are gross."
Boy 1: "I know, but she brings good snacks to lunch bunch!"

Boy 1: Teacher, X is eating one of Y's pretzel sticks.
Me: "Everyone eat their own snacks, not someone else's."

Boy 2 (chewing): "But he gave it to me."

Boy 3: "Teacher, he can have it. I was up my nose."

Teacher: "Today's letter is Q. And when you write Q, it's always next to another letter. Who knows what letter that is?"
Boy 1: "R!"

Teacher: "No, I'm talking about what letter you always see written down next to Q."
Boy 2: "P!"
Teacher: "Well, in words, it's the letter U."

Boy 1 to Boy 2: "She really doesn't know the alphabet? It's right on the wall! PQR!"

Texas Holdem
Me to boy holding himself: "Honey, do you have to go potty?"

Boy: "No, sometimes my wiener just sticks to my pants."

Circle Time
After telling a boy to be still several times, boy says to teacher:
"You really have a tough job, don't you?"

Ouch! Moments
Woman 1: He's such a nice boy. Do you watch your grandson every day?
Woman 2: I'm his mother.

Mom 1: I don't know how you manage with a kindergartner, a 3-year-old AND being pregnant!
Mom 2: I'm NOT pregnant.

4-yr-old Girl: "I like hugging you hello, Miss Suzanne."
Me: "Well that's sweet. I like hugging you hello too."

Girl: "You're just so squishy!"

If Only I Could Smack Parents Moment
Mom: "Say goodbye to Miss Suzanne."
3-yr-old: "Goodbye butthole face."
Mom: " know how kids are!"

Me (in my head): "I know how YOUR kids are."

Prize Winner
Me: "You just picked that out of your nose. Do NOT eat it!"
Boy: "Why, do you want it?"

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NerdyGirl said...

I'd have to disagree with you about the prize winner. I think that should be the pretzel stick kid. Actually letting another person eat something that was up his nose trumps merely offering.