Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm Uncle Sam, Uncle Sam I am...Now Cough it Up!

Mid April means means different things to different people.

To the kids/dependents, mid-April means riding bikes, staying outside later at night, peeking outside to see if it’s a shorts or jeans day for school, getting covered in dirt and grass stains, sliding into home plate and the opening of Allentown’s drive in theaters. Mid-April also means the end of school is within reach…a sneak preview of summer bliss.

If you’re a grownup/filer, mid-April means it’s time to oil up the lawnmower, start taking Claritin, switch the wardrobes from winter to summer, clean the birds nest out of the grill, start washing tree pollen off your car, and wishing the 4 a.m. mating birds and the 7 a.m. mowing neighbors would all just shut up. And filing taxes.

I just left the long line at the post office, having waited to make sure that I put enough Bart Simpson stamps on our tax returns. Bart seemed the appropriate postage choice since each return included a payment. My little way of subtly telling the IRS and the state department of revenue to “eat my shorts.” Everyone in line had the same look of resignation on our faces. We all owed. How did I know? Because if you get a refund, you sure as blazes file before April 15. Only we owers hold off until the deadline.

This year a lot of companies have picked up on the April 15th misery and are offering freebies today. I’d like to thank Starbucks for the free coffee they offered today to help wash down the bitter tax pill. Free Starbucks coffee somehow tastes so much better than paid-for Starbucks coffee. They both leave me doubled over a half-hour after drinking, but at least I didn’t pay for the pain this time. Later we’re going to Boston Market for their “tax break” B.O.G.O. dinners and then my husband is taking the kids to Maggie Moos for their free “tax day giveaway” ice cream. I’m on a diet and no one’s offering free Income Tax Day cottage cheese so I’m S.O.L. Free ice cream is great, but expenses aren’t the only thing this mom is trying to deduct.

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