Monday, August 10, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

We've all felt like crappy parents sometimes. Right now, my kids are eating yogurt for breakfast and watching SpongeBob. I could have made them eggs, but the yogurt was
right there. They could be eating it while listening to classical music, but the clicker was right there. Sometimes I let them stay up too late, eat too many sweets, watch too much TV... But no matter how "iffy" you're feeling about a parenting decision you've made, there will always be someone out there who makes you look like the world's greatest parent. Case in point:

Meet Joseph Manzanares of Colorado, proud father of a 4-year-old boy. Joseph is a planner. Always thinking ahead to his son's future. Some plans require you start thinking ahead very early. And like most parents, sometimes a father's plans and those of the child's mother don't always align. We've all been in his shoes. Maybe you'd like your child to grow up to be a doctor and your spouse would prefer a career in law. Common parenting dilemma. In our man Joseph's case, he would like his son to grow up and join the "West Side Ballers," while the mother prefers the "Crips."

Ordinarily this type of "dreams for the future" parenting squabble is kept private. But Joseph is so enamored with his alma mater, the Ballers, that he decided to press his case further at his baby-mama's job. The impassioned father ended up being arrested for disorderly conduct, harassment and domestic violence at a local video store. I'm sure the lady in question will end up dropping charges. Call it a hunch.

Incidentally, no word on the status of the toddler's affiliation. I'd hope that both parents have seen the error of their ways by pushing their gangs on their young son. There's so much more out there for a lad than the Ballers and the Crips. There's the Bloods, the Disciples, the Latin Kings...

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