Wednesday, July 1, 2009

10 Things about Suzanne You May Not Know...

...or ever care to!

  1. I shoot straight up in bed every single morning at 4 a.m. and again 7. Apparently my brain can only handle three hours of down-time, then worry, thoughts, fears, etc. shake it awake.
  2. I'm double-jointed and can still wrap both legs completely behind my head. This is not a pretty sight anymore (was it ever?). Getting them unwrapped is another story.
  3. I'm descended from almost-cannibals. What are almost-cannibals? They're folks who sat around watching their friends eat other friends, but didn't partake themselves...or at least wouldn't admit that they did. "What the..." you may ask? Well read up on the Donner-Reed Party on Wikipedia ( We're directly related to James Reed, the leader of the rescue party whose wife and children were stuck in the snow (my father was named Reed after him). Documentaries say the Reeds were among the few who didn't cannibalize those who died, but who really knows. Blech, eh?
  4. I can get the lowdown on just about anybody in 48 hours. Try me. Thank you, investigative journalism courses.
  5. I was pen pals with the Doobie Brother's sax player for years. He even tracked me down and called me at home when I was in college to invite me to a concert in Philly. He's dead now. RIP Cornelius.
  6. I tossed back (and lit up) a few with Carlos Santana and the band back in H.S. (at an arena concert with the Doobies and Rick Springfield of all people) without even knowing who they were. I think my being clueless/unimpressed is what was my "in." I had to be told later who "those guys" were. What a twit I was...Now don't tell my kids!
  7. We moved around so much when I was a kid that I went to four high schools and nine elementary schools in six states. I even went to four schools in four states all in one year! (First Grade in NJ, PA, DE and IN). My father said recently that moving that much isn't traumatic for a kid. My father is descended from lying cannibals, so who you gonna believe, LOL.
  8. I met my husband when his car wouldn't start and he asked me if I had cables and could jump him. I didn't have cables...but I did later jump him.
  9. The only non-vital organ I have left is my spleen. Tonsils-gone; adenoids-gone; gallbladder-gone;appendix-gone; brain-1/2 gone.
  10. I reveal too much when I blog.

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