Monday, August 17, 2009

Unfunny People

I haven't blogged for a little bit because, well quite frankly, I haven't felt funny. Couldn't decide whether I should just unplug for a bit or actually write about why. I mean, this is supposed to be a humor blog (if that's only
just hit you, then man have I failed!) So I had to ask myself, "Do I come clean and bum folks out for a day, or just keep mum and post a photo of somebody's shaved cat?" Well, I'm bummin' ya. It's my blog, and I get to blow steam once every 60 entries.

I found out this weekend that a friend from college passed away. Suddenly. And
not of natural causes. That's all that needs to be said. Please don't ask more, I won't know how to answer. But I've spent the past few days sporadically in tears, and mostly in secret. I've been able to open up to good friends whom I've never physically met, but not to tangible friends. It all came to a head tonight, and I just released.

So my reason for bumming you out tonight is to pass along a lesson learned through saline. Release. Don't worry if you're going to look like an ass. Don't worry that someone might judge you (or someone else) for what you're about to unload. Just release. And having a good song to cry to always helps. I still feel like utter crap. But after tonight, about 2 pounds lighter.

*I had wanted to embed the song that made me cry, but I can't get the coding. Please follow the link and click on the song "This World Keeps Spinning." I don't think you wrote it to bring tears, but it did and I needed them. Thanks, Gavin my friend.

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ducksoup said...

You are not alone. I'm sorry about your friend.