Saturday, February 27, 2010

To Blog, or Not to Blog. That is the Question

I sat down at the computer tonight ready to unleash a comical tirade full of R-rated expletives (I save the X ones for conversation), wrote a couple of paragraphs, then backspaced them all gone. There are rules to this blogging business, and I was about to violate them. Which leads to the question: When to blog or not blog?

When to NOT Blog Rules:
  1. Never blog when you’re in a foul mood.
  2. Never blog when you’ve got your period (which may just be an extension of rule #1).
  3. Never blog when you’re pissed off at one person in particular (yeah, I’m talking about you, buddy)
  4. Never blog after three too many (one too many and you can still be funny, two too many can be funny but with really bad spelling, three too many just ain’t worth it)
  5. Never blog about people who may read your blog (just bitch about them the old fashioned way…behind their back).
When TO Blog Rules:
  1. Blog when you’ve got a great story/joke/lesson to share.
  2. Blog when you’re in a really good mood.
  3. Blog when you need to be creative and have time to proofrreed
  4. Blog when you're sure your kids won't be fighting or screaming they've clogged the toilet...again.
  5. Blog when you’ve got a full cup of coffee by your side.
Well my kids are home and in bed, so they won’t clog the toilet. But my husband had a lot of carbs at the Scout banquet so there’s still the possibility of plunging. I don’t have a cup of coffee, but I do have a beer. I’m in a good mood, but I’m a wee bit pissed off at a particular person. I’ve got a great story and joke to share, but it’s about someone who may read my blog. I’m feeling all creative, but a little bloated and PMSy.

What to do? What to do?

Screw the blog, I’m going downstairs to shoot for two too many. Go read a book folks.

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