Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Time for Christmas

As I sit here wearing two sweaters because I’m freezing despite having a fever, with a nose that could rival Rudolph’s and a cough like a Winston-Salem executive, I’m looking for any excuse to put off a national pre-Christmas tradition…the sorting of the bills. All moms know of which I speak. Trying to figure out exactly how much Santa can pony up. Keep in mind, I’ve also got a son turning 13 in four days. Thank God we don’t have to do a bar mitzvah.
I have done absolutely NOTHING Christmas-wise yet, which is so not me. No cookies. No music. No shopping. No cards. I haven’t a clue what to get anyone. But I do know what I’d like for myself. Time.

If I had an extra hour each day, my house would be a little cleaner.

If I had an extra day each week, I’d be a lot more organized, play more with the kids and maybe go on a date (with my husband).

If I had an extra week each month, I’d read a book, write a story, tackle projects, make some money…get ahead.

If I had an extra month each year…I’d explore.

But the time we have is the time we have. And we’ve got to make the most of it. So from now until Christmas…a little less time on the computer and little more shopping. A little less time with the laundry and a little more baking. A little less time contemplating time and a little more enjoying what’s left of the season…before it’s gone.

"Christmas Everyday" by Latch Key Kid (Gavin Heaney)

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