Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Was She Thinking?

Seemed like a good idea at the time...

...AS A KID...

Ordering Sea Monkeys from the back of a comic book then forgetting to feed them.

Writing FU%@ on my grandmother's bathroom wall in quick dry paint (and being too dumb to figure out I could just paint over it).

Eating that peanut butter and jelly that come together in one jar.

Trying to walk on hot coals at a barbecue while wearing rubber soled tennis shoes.

...AS A TEEN...

Going one base too far the summer before 8th grade (don't worry, strictly minor league ball).

Tossing back a few with the band backstage at a Santana concert @15 (I looked 21). Maybe this was a good idea at the time...don't tell my kids.

Hopping off a moving cable car while buzzed on Jack. Wanna see my scar?

Going platinum blond, by way of bright green, and living with it for a year.

...AS A "GROWN UP"...

Wearing brand new pumps on my wedding day (and spending half my honeymoon nursing blisters).

Buying a house 3 blocks from my parents...and not locking our door.

A certain ladybug on a certain body part.

Falling for a cute puppy... with obvious issues.

Telling my 12 year old I once smoked...thrown back in face many times.

Starting a blog?

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